Rock Solid is currently held in schools in and around Bury St Edmunds for years 5-8.  Each session is based on material written by Nicola to appeal to all, wherever they are in their faith journey.  Everyone is welcome!

Two of the clubs spend their whole lunch time together giving plenty of time to develop friendships and discuss the topic for the day.  Using games and craft the club aims to help young people to think about the big questions in life.  Why am I here?   Does God exist?  What difference does it make anyway?  There is also opportunity to learn about what Christians believe, to discuss their personal beliefs and to explore what the Bible has to say on a wide range of relevant subjects.

“I go to Rock Solid because it is really fun and a good place to go”.

For some young people Rock Solid is just a safe place to go where they can be themselves.  To have fun and learn things on the way.

“I come to Rock Solid because it is fun and also educational and helps me in RE”.

For others it is a place to discuss life, share problems or ask questions.  Rock Solid is able to meet not only some of the spiritual needs of young people but also to help with their social and emotional needs.  It gives and ideal opportunity for young people to continue in their exploration of faith and understanding of prayer after enjoying a week of Prayspace.

EXPLORE is a club for years 7-11 based on a similar format to Rock Solid. There is still the usual fun with games and craft for the younger groups, but there is more emphasis on discussion. Using topics from the Bible as the theme each week there is opportunity for everyone to find out what Christians believe and to discuss their personal beliefs or ideas in a friendly environment.

  • Stunning feedback on your assembly today. One of the pastoral staff made a point of coming to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Bravo!

    Local Headteacher

  • The BCY team's joyful approach allows young people to express their faith.

    Local Headteacher

  • The impact of Prayspace this week has been quite stunning! Thanks for your creativity and boldness in suggesting it and making it happen.

    Local Headteacher

  • It is clear to see your work really inspires our pupils - and staff. It is great to have you associated with the school.

    Local Headteacher

  • I like Rock Solid club because I can be myself, relax, socialize with new people and learn about God.


  • Thank you for your discipleship of our son at Rock Solid. We have been so struck by your commitment to the group - it has meant a lot to him and to his mother and me!

    Parent of Rock Solid Club member