What We Do

Over the course of our 28 years, BCY has been involved in all manner of youth work!

For the last ten years we have focused on connecting young people to Jesus by working with and in local schools. We work in the middle and upper tiers of local education, regularly enjoying contact with 1000s of students at eight local schools.

We have a number of specific areas of work about which you can find information by clicking the relevant links.

For more on our ethos and guiding principles, see below.

If you would like to get involved in our work, then please get in touch!

Why 'connecting young people to Jesus?'

Jesus is arguably the most influential person ever to have lived. He taught that he was the way to God, that he was truth itself, and that full and free life was only to be found in him. Billions of people throughout history and around the globe claim their lives have been transformed by encountering Jesus for themselves. The Bible teaches that God loves the world so much that he gave Jesus, his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him can have a whole and lasting life.

We’re a Christian charity that passionately believes every young person needs the opportunity to see how the life of Jesus connects to their own, to consider his claims, influence and relevance for themselves, and meet people who can help them understand the Christian faith well.

We pray regularly that the young people we meet will give their whole lives (heart, mind, soul and strength) to this Jesus, the Son of God, because we believe it to be the best decision anyone can ever make!

Why the schools focus?

The opportunities for the Church to bless and serve our local schools are huge, but local churches often find it hard to engage effectively and appropriately with schools. As an ecumenical organisation, endorsed by churches and individuals from across the denominational spectrum, we have developed a reputation for work with schools that has the hallmarks of quality, innovation, integrity and educational value.

We love to work with churches that are geographically close to schools to reinforce existing links and forge new ones. We are convinced that local Christians in local churches are well-placed to deliver essential support and care that many young people need and very much appreciate.

Which schools?

We currently work in the following schools:

Bury St Edmunds All-Through Academy Trust

Westley, Horringer, Tollgate KS3 and County Upper campuses

Bury Schools Partnership

King Edward VI Upper School, Sybil Andrews Academy

Other schools

Thurston Community College

St Benedict’s Catholic Upper School

  • Stunning feedback on your assembly today. One of the pastoral staff made a point of coming to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Bravo!

    Local Headteacher

  • The BCY team's joyful approach allows young people to express their faith.

    Local Headteacher

  • The impact of Prayspace this week has been quite stunning! Thanks for your creativity and boldness in suggesting it and making it happen.

    Local Headteacher

  • It is clear to see your work really inspires our pupils - and staff. It is great to have you associated with the school.

    Local Headteacher

  • I like Rock Solid club because I can be myself, relax, socialize with new people and learn about God.


  • Thank you for your discipleship of our son at Rock Solid. We have been so struck by your commitment to the group - it has meant a lot to him and to his mother and me!

    Parent of Rock Solid Club member