Meet the Staff

Gavin Moss

Gavin is our Full-time senior youth worker, he started with BCY earlier this year. Hes been involved with youth work for many years and has worked with schools and churches in a number of locations.

Nicola Bolton

Nicola has been part-time with BCY for 16 years! Nicola is responsible for writing and co-ordinating our Rock Solid clubs.  She runs Rock Solid clubs for years 5-8. She also runs ‘EXPLORE’ for years 7-9 at several schools and has nearly ten years experience of running Prayspace.

Both Rock Solid and Explore give an opportunity for young people to meet together, to have fun and discuss the big questions in life.  To find out what the Bible says and have an opportunity to talk about what Christians believe whilst being able to share their own views.  Many of the clubs are ‘bring your lunch’ which means that there is plenty of time to get to know each other and make new friends too!


Nicki Shepheard

Nicki has recently joined the BCY team (part-time during term times) mainly in an administrative role. She is already proving to be a great asset to the team. She has, in the past, volunteered with BCY and has a spent several years as a Trustee.

  • Stunning feedback on your assembly today. One of the pastoral staff made a point of coming to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Bravo!

    Local Headteacher

  • The BCY team's joyful approach allows young people to express their faith.

    Local Headteacher

  • The impact of Prayspace this week has been quite stunning! Thanks for your creativity and boldness in suggesting it and making it happen.

    Local Headteacher

  • It is clear to see your work really inspires our pupils - and staff. It is great to have you associated with the school.

    Local Headteacher

  • I like Rock Solid club because I can be myself, relax, socialize with new people and learn about God.


  • Thank you for your discipleship of our son at Rock Solid. We have been so struck by your commitment to the group - it has meant a lot to him and to his mother and me!

    Parent of Rock Solid Club member