A lot of young people in schools and in the churches are much more comfortable asking difficult questions…

Some of the questions we have been facing are some of the toughest questions life can throw at us. Questions such as; if God is good, why is there evil in the world? Does God send people to hell? What makes the God of the Bible the God we should believe in?

Such thought provoking questions. Yet it is important to ask and explore these types of questions. With a wealth of resources at our fingertips, and the guidance of God’s heart and intellect, we feel that such questions can really be unpacked and talked about in great detail.

The goal is to talk and discuss, this means we listen as well as speak. We hope to encourage more questions in the future.

  • Stunning feedback on your assembly today. One of the pastoral staff made a point of coming to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Bravo!

    Local Headteacher

  • The BCY team's joyful approach allows young people to express their faith.

    Local Headteacher

  • The impact of Prayspace this week has been quite stunning! Thanks for your creativity and boldness in suggesting it and making it happen.

    Local Headteacher

  • It is clear to see your work really inspires our pupils - and staff. It is great to have you associated with the school.

    Local Headteacher

  • I like Rock Solid club because I can be myself, relax, socialize with new people and learn about God.


  • Thank you for your discipleship of our son at Rock Solid. We have been so struck by your commitment to the group - it has meant a lot to him and to his mother and me!

    Parent of Rock Solid Club member